5k Roses

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The Story

Thousands of rose seeds were spilled into the cracks of the concrete in a corrupt city. Contrary to everyone’s belief, each rose grew from the concrete and blossomed into the Rare Roses. Working together they took over the city and called it “The Concrete Garden”. Each rose is unique and shares a bond with the other roses of succeeding while doing dope sh*t.

The Rose that grew from concrete...

~ Tupac

The Breakdown

Every Rose & their traits were hand-drawn by the Bossman in the back room of the Villa with a clean, streetwear-based style. The Rare Roses consists of over 140 unique traits. Each Rose is randomly generated so that no two roses are the same.


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Once you enter through the gates of the Concrete Garden you become family, every family member gets permanent store discounts & exclusive access in The Store.


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A community wallet dedicated to charity donations, giveaways, and grants for holders with businesses, brands, or ideas!

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We’ll start hosting weekly & monthly giveaways to all of our holders! These giveaways will include sneakers, streetwear, event tickets, paid vacations, & so much more!

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We’re a streetwear brand coming from a streetwear store, so you know we’ll have the best clothing. We’ll be creating exclusive clothing, collectibles, & even custom 1/1 IRL figurines!

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Rare Rose comic book line will begin production! Each comic book series will be available for print and download and will feature actual Roses from the collection. (Those holders will be credited & receive royalties!)

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The animated series will begin production shortly after the comic book line! These animated shorts will also feature Roses from the collection and holders will have the opportunity to voice their characters themselves!

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A multimedia company producing content around streetwear, pop culture, music, & NFT’s. We plan on using our connections outside of the NFT industry to benefit our family. Profits will be given back to the community through giveaways & airdrops!

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The Team

Founder + Creative Director
The Captain
Project Manager + Art Consultant
Matt Shiller
Community Relations
Moody Marv
Head of Marketing & Collaborations

The Store

The Villa is a NJ-based streetwear store/brand that was founded in early 2021 and rapidly became a social media movement. Started by a 23-year-old entrepreneur and artist, Bossman, and enlisting his two friends Mariposa & The Captain. The Villa went from an idea to a wildly popular brand with over 140,000 followers and 100 million views across social media in under 8 months. 

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Rare Roses is a collection of 5,000 hand-drawn NFTs that were randomly generated from over 130 unique traits.

Your Rare Rose NFT gets you exclusive access to content, merch, giveaways, and forever marks your spot as one of the first adopters of the Rare Rose brand.

We have our discord locked for active members only. Stay tuned on our Twitter for chances to enter! 

Our NFT collection mint date is still TBD. Right now we’re focused on creating more aspects of our project like our comic book series and our own streetwear collection while we build our community.

Absolutely! WL spots will be given out in a variety of ways including giveaways, contests, and other creative ideas the team comes up with. Join our discord for updates!

Yes!! One of our biggest missions is to create an ecosystem that helps our community create & build their own dreams. Having full rights of your rose is just the start!